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Sump-Pump & Backwater Valve Contractors Toronto

backwater valve

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Backwater Valve Installation in Toronto
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backwater valve toronto

A backwater valve is a device that ensures that the water and sewage being drained from a home flows in one direction, away, and is thus one of the most important elements of any plumbing system. A backwater valve helps to guarantee that once water and sewage has left the home it cannot reenter, a common occurrence that can result in the costly and often traumatic event of basement flooding.

Backwater valve installation is a process every homeowner should familiarize themselves with, particularly if you are considering buying, or already own a home in a geographically low-lying area and are thus more susceptible to flooding. A backwater valve, while a useful and much recommended device for all homeowners, is consequently a necessary precaution for those whose homes are prone to flooding as a result of geographical location and weather.

what is a backwater valve, and why is it so effective preventing the flood?

The first backwater valve was engineered by a Toronto contractor, and as such represents a useful and clever Canadian design. Backwater valves are devices installed on the main sewer and drainage lines of homes. Their design allows for them to let water leave the home while obstructing it from flowing backwards, into the home. The ingenuity of the backwater valve and the importance of backwater valve installation have led the City of Toronto to implement a new plumbing law, mandating that every new house being built come equipped with a backwater valve installed during its construction. However, even those whose homes are not recently built can benefit from Toronto plumbing law, as the city has created the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program which offers residents compensation of up to $3,400 upon their backwater valve installation as a means of encouraging homeowners to invest in flood prevention and protection measures. 

However, as backwater valve installation becomes an increasingly popular service offered by plumbers and contractors it is essential that homeowners look to hire a contractor who is skilled and experienced at installing a backwater valve in order for it to provide your home with the maximum prevention and protection against flooding. Therefore, before you hire a contractor to install your backwater valve be sure to read up on the specific process of installation, and its importance, to get a greater understanding of the backwater valve’s benefits, while ensuring that your contractor is reputable.

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Backwater Valve FAQs

When is backwater valve required?

Whenever You need to protect the basement from city sewer backing it up! The properties located at city areas with low altitudes are in higher risks of City Sewer System backups, due to higher stormwater volume.

Can a backwater valve be installed outside?

Yes, it can be installed either way inside or outside. The location opportunities of backwater valve are determined by Licenced Plumber after Camera Inspection and Locates. If both locations are available then our client decides where backwater valve is more suitable.

How does backwater valve look like?

Backwater Valve Installation in TorontoExterior Backwater Valve installed in Toronto