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Basement waterproofing is important! Why?

Home buying in Toronto and GTA can be a time-consuming and often costly venture. But with home ownership comes pride, the feeling of accomplishment, and security. Moreover, home ownership has its advantages as a cost-effective means of living, with the opportunity for investment and future gain as many homeowners are able to sell their homes for more than what they paid. But, in order to reap a greater reward in Toronto’s growing housing market it is becoming more and more important that homeowners invest in maintaining and updating their homes through quality construction and repairs.

Though most family homes in Toronto have a basement, a surprisingly small amount of homeowners actually invest as much time and money in their basements as they do in other areas of their home. Often overlooked in terms of the value and space they add to a family home, few homeowners realize the benefits of a well-maintained and waterproofed basement. 

Basement Waterproofing is an essential component of any strong basement. Regardless of its construction no foundation is completely resistant to the harsh weather, cold earth, and moist soil. Nature’s elements thus have the potential to weaken the foundation of your home over time, making the basement waterproofing is crucial to the protection of your home. 

Common materials used in building a home’s foundation are cement and cinder blocks, as few others are sturdy enough to support the weight of an entire house. However, such materials are not without their faults and are often susceptible to water damage. Water damage occurs when moisture from rain and snow seeps into the walls of your basement. Eventually the earth around your home’s foundation can fill with water, causing the foundation to shift while gradually deteriorating and weakening. 

This deterioration of your home’s foundation can cause it to become unstable and unable to properly support the weight of your house over time. At the same time, the groundwater that is absorbed by your basement walls creates hydrostatic pressure, which can eventually cause the walls to crack and break-down. Repairing these types of damage to your home’s foundations and basements can be quite expensive, not to mention stressful and worrisome.

Mold on Basement Wall
Cracked Basement Block-Wall







Protecting your home from water damage is therefore of the utmost importance. By combining a high-quality drainage and waterproofing system you can ensure the longevity of your home and its foundation. Furthermore, investing in waterproofing your basement is an excellent opportunity and means by which many homeowners add value to their homes as home buyers prefer to buy homes that are up-to date. 

In a big city like Toronto, contractors claiming to specialize in basement waterproofing are a dime a dozen. It is therefore essential that you hire a reputable and licensed contractor to install your basement waterproofing system. Although investing in a high-quality waterproofing service might have larger upfront costs, it will prove to be worth it in the long run as you will avoid potentially costly and frequent repairs in the future, while being afforded the peace of mind in knowing that your home is protected from the elements that threaten it. 

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Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

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Like any part of your home, your basement is a valuable asset that can be utilized as a safe storage area, turned into a comfortable living space for you and your family or even rented out for income. Unfortunately, unlike the rest of your home the basement is particularly vulnerable to water damage as the groundwater in surrounding soil builds up when it rains or if the land surrounding your home suffers from poor water drainage.

Basement waterproofing in Toronto with Strong Basements can increase the value of your home by protecting your basement and home structure from costly water damage. It consists of exterior waterproofing done on the outside of your basement walls to reinforce structural integrity, and an interior sump system that moves water away from your home. With basement waterproofing, your basement walls are coated with multiple layers of protective sealant to insulate the concrete from water buildup and pressure. A foundation drainage system is installed at the base of the exterior walls to divert incoming water away from your walls to an interior sump system that collects and sends the water to a safe location. Together, exterior waterproofing and a supplementary drainage system keep water away from your basement walls and prevent cracks that lead to leaks and further structural damage.

By outfitting your basement with quality waterproofing you are not only ensuring a healthy living environment for you and your family but also saving money by preventing damage and boosting the resale value of your home. Waterproofing should also be a first step should you ever choose to convert your basement into a living space or turn it into a private renting space for tenants. It’s also a smart move overall to keep mold out of your home, keep storage spaces clean and dry and avoid any need for costly repairs in the future.

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6 Important Facts about Basement Waterproofing

BASEMENT-flooding protection toronto

6 Important Facts about Basement Waterproofing

When you decide to invest in a family home there are numerous risks and responsibilities you undertake; from financial, to the responsibilities of maintaining, protecting, and improving your property overtime. While many homeowners take measures to ensure their home’s aesthetic appeal and improvement, what many homeowners fail to realize is the importance of protecting their home from long-term damages. In a city such as Toronto, where home prices are at all time high, and rapid urban expansion had led to many new developments and first time homeowners who are unaware of the expenses long-term damages can present, the knowledge of how to detect problems early and prevention is of critical importance. This is particularly relevant when discussing the necessity of basement waterproofing.
Water damage is perhaps the most common form of long-term damage as it is often difficult to detect and challenging to treat. As a result, water damage can present homeowners with devastating financial costs, making the early detection of water damage all the more important. Read on for six important facts about basement waterproofing, and learn about water damage, its costs, prevention, and how to protect your investment in a home. 

1. Detecting Water Damage

Depending on the age of your home water damage may present itself differently and be difficult to detect. While the obvious signs of water damage are immediately visible as leaking and puddling on the floors and in the basement during and after a rainfall, damp walls, spots, stains, peeling paint, warped paneling, and rust; other more inconspicuous signs  of water damage can prove to be just as troubling. Such discreet signs of water damage require routine inspections and a sharp eye to notice any cracking, odors, or the appearance of a white chalky substance on walls. If you suspect water damage in your home you may need to remove carpeting or paneling to see if any mold or moisture exists. 

2. Too Much Pressure?

When building a home, contractors will first excavate the area where they will lay the foundation. This allows the foundation a flat and firm surface upon which to set. As the contractor proceeds to build up the home above ground level the soil naturally settles back against the foundation and applies pressure. However, during and following a heavy rainfall the soil surrounding your home’s foundation becomes saturated with water causing it to become heavy and exude much more pressure on your home’s foundation than normal. Overtime this constant influx of pressure on your home’s foundation from the surrounding soil can cause it to weaken, crack, and allow moisture to enter. A weak foundation is the leading cause of basement water damage, thus making basement waterproofing of the utmost importance. 

3. The Cost of Long-term Water Damage

While many homeowners interpret the term “cost” as referring to financial loss, what many homeowners do not realize is that water damage in their home can have a resounding effect on their family’s health, possessions, and safety. Left undetected, overtime water damage invites the possibility for the development of mold and mildew which have the potential to seriously harm the health of loved ones. In finished basements furniture, possessions, and family relics, can be easily destroyed by the presence of moisture, while your home’s carpeting, flooring, and heating can also be ruined by water damage. 

4. Waterproofing, a Necessity

When you invest in your family home, chances are it will be most expensive investment you’ll ever make. With so much at stake, why would you risk water damage? Waterproofing your basement protects your family’s health, safety, and possessions, while helping to prevent future financial losses as long-term water damage has the potential to diminish the resale value of your home by up to 25%. Not to mention the costs associated with repairing and replacing furnishings damaged by mold, mildew, and termites which are enticed by dampness.

5. The Problem with Moisture and Mold

While most individuals understand mold to be an unpleasant substance indicating when food has spoiled, mold inside homes is a much more complicated issue. Mold inside your home represents an infestation of a dangerous fungus that can develop easily with disastrous results. One of the most serious consequences of water damage, mold is not always obvious and can often go undetected over long periods of time either underneath carpeting and flooring, or behind paneling and tiling. In order for mold to develop it requires only a small amount of moisture and warmth and can easily remain out of sight for many years. Advanced mold is usually recognizable by an unpleasant musty odor. However, even small amounts of mold within the home have the potential to cause health problems ranging from allergic reactions, to chronic coughs and asthma. Thus, waterproofing your basement is essential to the prevention of mold and its associated health risks.

6. To Prevent or Repent

The consequences of water damage are often severe and costly to repair. Preventing water damage by correctly water proofing your basement is the only means by which you can ensure your family and home are protected from water damage. While early detection and treatment of moisture within your home can slow the effects of water damage and in some cases reverse them, the prevention of water damage via basement waterproofing should be a priority for all homeowners, particularly in areas such as Toronto that receive heavy rain and snowfall. 

Buying a home is the greatest investment you are ever likely to make. With so much at stake, it stands to reason you would want to protect your family and home from the consequences of water damage. By following and understanding these six importance facts about water damage and the importance of basement waterproofing you will be prepared to recognize, treat, and prevent water damage from affecting your home and loved ones.