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Why choose Strong Basements?

We have extensive experience in working in the field. All our employees are reliable, innovative, and fully trained. Our highly effective team can offer a unique approach to meet the needs of your specific case. Our performance leads to the safety of your home and your possessions.

How much will I be charged?

Every house and every problem is unique. Our experts will work with you to design the best solution taking into account your budget. Although there are some factors to be taken into account such as access to the working area, depth of the foundation, soil conditions, etc., our proven technology will help you meet your budget goals. Our experts will explain all of the peculiarities of your situation and answer all your questions. Call Strong Basements today for a Free Estimate!

Will I get a warranty?

YES! Once our work is completed you have nothing to worry about! We complete the work in an efficient and professional manner delivering a quality project with a 25 YEAR WARRANTY!

Can I do waterproofing myself?

To be able to conduct quality waterproofing one has to undergo proper training and possess the necessary skills. Without the proper knowledge and experience waterproofing can be dangerous. When inexperienced homeowners conduct the excavation themselves they risk getting injured or even die. Moreover, the absence of professional equipment will hinder the process and improperly installed products will fail. Strong Basements experts have extensive experience, necessary training, and the latest equipment to safely and successfully complete the job.

How do I know whether or not I need waterproofing?

First of all, if you have water leakage through the foundation floor or there is water trickling down your walls, it is an immediate sign that you need basement waterproofing. If there is no water coming yet but there are cracks and stains (mold/mildew) on the walls it is also an indication that there is a waterproofing problem. Other signs such as pilling wall paint or rust spots on metal objects in your basement can signal that there could be a waterproofing problem. Do not ignore the problem, it will get only worse! Call Strong Basements professionals today and let us solve your problems at once!

What type of waterproofing should I choose: Exterior or Interior?

The waterproofing system can be applied to the inside or outside walls of your basement. An inspection is necessary to determine the best solution for you. In general, exterior waterproofing has some definite advantages. Although waterproofing on the outside requires excavation, it offers a homeowner a number of long-term advantages such as the gravity system and prevention of dampness, mold, moisture, and soil gases. Also, there are no pumps or electrical wiring required. It is your permanent solution!

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