Concrete Floor

Basement Concrete Floor | Slabbasement-concrete-floor-toronto

Dear customer, please read the basics of basement concrete floor.

– Soil base should be stable and uniformly dense. Soil compaction may be required to increase soil stability, load-bearing capacity and resistance to water penetration.

– Base course of gravel or crushed stone must be laid to prevent the capillary rise of groundwater.

– Polyethylene moisture (vapor) barrier or waterproofing membrane should be placed between gravel and  new concrete slab to prevent  moisture migration through the concrete floor.  Rigid foam insulation can be placed to increase Energy Savings (recommended, green solution, especially for heated floors).

– Concrete slab thickness should be 3 inch minimum. Thickness required depends on the expected load and use conditions. Welded wire fabric reinforcement should be set at or slightly above the mid-depth of the slab.