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Basement Lowering FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering the process of basement underpinning or basement lowering to add livable space and value to your home? Whether this is a new concept to you or you are an experienced renovator, it can be difficult to make sense of the nuances of what’s involved with such a major project. To help, we have put together this helpful guide featuring the most frequently asked questions about basement lowering that will walk you through all key stages of the undertaking. We hope this overview provides some valuable insight into the advantages and challenges presented by basement underpinning for Toronto homeowners interested in expanding their living spaces.

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What is basement lowering?

Basement lowering, sometimes referred to as underpinning or excavation, is a process which involves the lowering of a basement floor to better access structural elements and waterproofing components. This type of work is often done to give homeowners more flexibility when it comes to designing the lower level of their homes. Depending on the job’s specifics, basement lowering procedures may involve removing soil in order to gain additional space, and can also include demolishing existing walls and reinforcing foundation elements. Performing this kind of job requires adequate resources and qualified personnel who are experienced in dealing with basement excavation projects. Fortunately for Toronto homeowners, there are experienced contractors who specialize in this type of work and can help them achieve their desired outcome easily and efficiently.

Why would someone want to lower their basement?

Basement underpinning offers homeowners many advantages. Lowering a basement can increase the usable floor space, creating extra room for storage, a home office or an entertainment area. Moreover, lowering one’s basement also allows homeowners to create an additional level in their homes, heightening its structural integrity and better protecting it from the elements. Not to mention, basement underpinning can add significant value to one’s home while also providing extra insulation which saves energy costs and reduces carbon emissions. Whether you’re looking to expand your living space or create a more secure and efficient environment for your family, contractors with experience in basement underpinning in Toronto are equipped to help you achieve the desired outcome.

Basement Lowering FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

How is basement lowering done?

Basement lowering is a complex process that requires experienced contractors to safely and effectively excavate and underpin the area while ensuring it is waterproofed and drains properly. The excavation team must carefully calculate the location of the excavation to ensure it will not cause damage or interference with existing utilities or structures. Once the excavation is complete, contractors will begin underpinning the foundation sections in order to secure them. Then, a long-term drainage system will be put in place to make sure no water infiltrates into the space, protecting it from any potential moisture damage or foundation problems. This includes inspections of existing footings and walls that may need reinforcement. Finally, concrete flooring can be put in place. By hiring experts who understand all these processes, homeowners are certain their basements will be properly lowered for years to come.

How much does the basement lowering cost?

Basement lowering costs vary greatly depending on the size of your basement, type of underpinning, level of excavation, and Toronto location. Generally speaking, these projects range from $40,000 for a small project to upwards of $100,000 for a full renovation. Furthermore, the use of specialized professionals and modern equipment allows basement underpinning contractors in Toronto to complete your project with unmatched expertise consistently achieving successful results on time and within budget. Of course, each individual situation is unique so it’s important to speak to an experienced contractor such as those at Basement Underpinning Professionals who will discuss all available options with you before establishing a definitive cost estimate that considers all factors.

How long does basement lowering take?

Basement lowering is an intricate process that takes time to complete. The length of the project can depend on various factors, such as soil type, wall heights, and desired finished elevation. Trusted basement underpinning contractors in Toronto can typically complete a basement lowering project within 8-12 weeks’ time. However, a thorough assessment of your specific project needs will provide the most accurate estimate of the timeframe for completion. Working with a reliable team means that you can rest assured that all steps are taken to complete this important project in the least amount of time possible.

Do I need a permit for basement lowering?

When it comes to renovations to your basement, you should always make sure you have any permits and engineering plans needed. Basement lowering is no exception. Depending on the municipality, a building permit may be needed for foundation repairs such as underpinning, or for adding walls or other construction activities in the basement. Professional engineering plans are usually necessary for this type of project and are required by the local building department when applying for a permit. Building inspections will also apply before and after the job is completed. So before starting your basement lowering project, reach out to an experienced basement underpinning contractor like those in Toronto to ensure compliance with all regulations and to get the most out of your renovation.

Will basement lowering add value to my home?

Investing in a basement lowering project from basement underpinning contractors in Toronto doesn’t just add a living area to your home, but also offers great potential for boosting its value. By creating a whole new living space within your current dwelling, you can expand the potential of your residence to quickly create another living unit or apartment. This offers a unique investment opportunity that has tremendous long-term benefits, as more living areas can increase the value of the property and generate more rental income if converted into a separate unit. With basement underpinning contractors in Toronto, you have an opportunity to make the proper upgrades so that you can gain maximum return on investment when it comes time to resell your home.

How can I choose a contractor for my basement lowering project?

When it comes to any basement lowering project, it is important to choose a contractor who has the right experience and qualifications. To make sure your project is done to the standards you expect, do some research when selecting a contractor. Ask for references or proof of their work and ask about their experience in projects like yours. If possible, get a quote from more than one contractor that outlines exactly what will be included and the timeline for completion. That way, you can make an informed decision that ensures your basement lowering project is done correctly and efficiently.

Is basement lowering a DIY project?

While it is possible to DIY basement lowering projects, it’s often best to hire an experienced and professional basement underpinning contractor in Toronto. This is because they have the specialist techniques and resources necessary to complete the process safely, quickly and efficiently. In addition, they understand the local building regulations; this ensures that the project meets all health and safety requirements. Although DIY may be cheaper in terms of cost, professionals can ensure that you get a quality job done as efficiently as possible – saving time as well as money in the long run.


Basement lowering is a great solution for those looking to increase their property value or space in their home. Through professional installation from experienced contractors like Strong Basements Inc., you can achieve the extra space you desire at an affordable cost and with minimal disruption. With basement lowering, homeowners can expect to add value to their homes, save on costs and spend less time renovating overall. Moreover, with basement lowering being strictly controlled by local rules and regulations, it’s important to note that permits may be required and DIY projects may not always be possible. For anyone considering undertaking such a project, Strong Basements Inc., specializing in basement underpinning contractors in Toronto, are available to provide expert advice and professional services. If you would like to know more about how basement lowering can help transform your home, contact Strong Basements Inc. at 1-416-800-1101 today and get your free, detailed estimate!


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