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Cost to dig out the basement in Toronto, Ontario

Are you thinking of adding an extra bedroom or optimizing your home office space? If so, you may want to consider basement lowering and underpinning in Toronto. This type of construction is ideal for homeowners who would like more usable square footage without the added costs associated with building a home addition. Before getting started, however, it’s important to understand what is involved in this process, as well as the cost to dig out a basement in Ontario. Here we provide a comprehensive overview that covers all aspects of basement lowering and underpinning work, from start to finish. We will also discuss some tips on how to find reliable contractors that offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality craftsmanship. Read on for everything you need to know about digging out basements in Toronto!

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Overview of basement lowering and underpinning

Basement lowering and underpinning is a complex yet essential method used to create more usable space in basements, often in older Toronto homes. This process involves excavating the existing basement and either levelling or raising it to create additional space. It can also involve reinforcing foundation walls with new material if needed. In most cases, waterproofing is needed along with a reliable support system for the surrounding soil. With this method, additional living space for bedrooms, bathrooms, rec rooms, family rooms, etc., can be added to an older home without compromising the structural integrity of the property itself. Therefore, basement lowering and underpinning can be an incredibly beneficial solution for Toronto homeowners who are looking to improve their basement areas and add extra value to their properties.

Benefits of digging out basements in Ontario

Basement lowering and underpinning in Toronto can provide many advantages to homeowners. Not only do they extend the space available, but they also improve ventilation and flood prevention, add property value, and allow for foundation repair if required. This process is a common method used to access and improve a home’s basement crawlspace. While it is considered an investment, it can make a significant long-term impact on both the appearance and functionality of your home. Furthermore, using specialist waterproofing solutions during excavation – or even as part of the basement remodels itself – may help defend against future water damage. Digging out basements in Ontario offers many potential benefits that could turn your home into someone’s dream residence.

Cost to dig out the basement in Ontario
Cost to dig out the basement in Ontario

Different types of basement lowering and underpinning services.

Toronto homeowners have the option to access professional basement lowering and underpinning services to better suit their home’s needs. These services range from bracing existing foundations and footings, to lowering supporting columns or beams, as well as partial or full basement excavations. On top of this, specialty jobs may include raising existing basements and adding foundation walls. With the right team of experienced technicians and engineers, any home can benefit from these services which are tailored to the objectives and designs that meet local building codes.

Cost estimates for basement digging in Ontario

Homeowners in Ontario looking to gain more usable living space by deeper excavation or underpinning of their basements can expect cost estimates to vary widely depending on the contractor and specific actions required. Generally, basement lowering requires precise engineering and planning in order to maintain the structural integrity of a home, which makes costs difficult to estimate without an assessment. Projected costs – taking into consideration the size of the house, excavation depth, and soil type – can range from approximately $40K – $80K. Ultimately, a professional contractor will be best able to provide a real-time quote as they have the relevant experience and expertise.

Best practices for basement digging projects in Toronto

When completing a basement lowering or underpinning project in Toronto, it is important to keep best practices in mind. Following the Ontario Building Code will ensure that your project is done right, and delivers a safe and quality end result. An experienced contractor should be able to provide direction and advice on proper excavation methods, support systems, water management strategies, waterproofing techniques and other relevant safety procedures. Other costs such as additional permits or inspections may also need to be taken into account when planning your project. With the right guidance, you can make sure that your project is completed safely and efficiently while producing a finished result that meets building code requirements.


Basements are a great way to increase the livable space of your property with relatively modest costs. Lowering and underpinning is a specialized operation of excavation that requires knowledgeable engineers and experienced contractors to execute. In Toronto, there are many companies available for basement lowering projects, but hiring a company like Strong Basements Inc that has years of practiced methods and experience can save you time and money in the long run. They have experts who can answer all your questions about basement projects and offer free project estimates for any kind of situation. Their utmost quality workmanship puts their customers above all else on their priority list! So if you’re looking to add usable space to your property with high-quality basement lowering services, call Strong Basements Inc., now for a free and detailed estimate!


Basement Underpinning FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Digging down the basement and underpinning the foundation in Toronto, Ontario will cost $400 – $600 per linear foot of basement foundation wall. This Price may include interior waterproofing and new concrete floor. 

Inquiring about the prerequisites for excavating your basement in Ontario? Well, rest assured that you will definitely require permits from your local municipality prior to commencing any such endeavors.

As for the timeline of such an undertaking, numerous variables come into play, such as the dimensions of your basement and the accessibility of your residence. That being said, basement excavation projects typically take around 4-6 weeks to reach fruition.

If you’re considering the possibility of conducting the basement excavation on your own, we cannot stress enough the perils that come along with such a decision. Excavation work is a hazardous undertaking that necessitates not only specialized equipment but also expert know-how. Hence, we vehemently discourage amateurs from venturing into this field.

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