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Window Well Installation in Toronto: A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Basement water issues can cause significant damage to your home and be a source of stress for homeowners. Identifying the root cause of these issues is crucial to finding the right solution. In many cases, the problem can be traced back to a plumbing or waterproofing issue. This comprehensive guide will help you diagnose the cause of water in your basement and provide preventative measures and maintenance tips to avoid future problems.

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Understanding Window Wells

The Importance of Window Wells

Window wells are designed to prevent water from seeping into your basement through the windows. They capture and redirect water via drainage, protecting your basement from potential water damage. If the window well is damaged, or non-existent, or the drain becomes clogged, water can stay contained in the well, eventually leaking through walls, window frames, or even the window itself.

a window well being installed in Toronto residential home by a professional construction worker. The worker is excavating the basement window from outside with the shovel.
a window well being installed in Toronto residential home by a professional construction worker. The worker is excavating the basement window from outside with the shovel.

How Window Wells Work

A well-functioning window well should protect the basement from moisture, keep away soil, and allow natural light to reach the basement. The installation of the window well creates a hollow space where water collects. A drain pipe and possibly gravel are necessary to ensure that water gets to the weeping tile system where it can be redirected correctly.

Why You Might Need Window Well Installation

Signs of Window Well Issues

If you see water marks or stains on your foundation walls underneath your window, then your window well could be a major point of entry for a leak. Pools of water building up in the well when it rains is a sign that damp might soon make its way into your home.

The Consequences of Neglecting Window Well Issues

Ignoring these signs can lead to a very wet basement, very quickly! If the problem is the window well, the solution is often cost-effective and only requires minor heavy work to install the drainage systems.

The Window Well Installation Process


For the window well to function effectively, the area has to be dug deep until it reaches the weeping tile. The draining pipe is always installed around the foundation of the house to protect from moisture.

Testing the Weeping Tile

The main role of a weeping tile is to protect the basement and the foundation from excess moisture. Testing it is, therefore, an essential part of window well installation.

Applying Liquid Rubber

Digging up the space on the window means exposing the walls. If not sealed, there could be more damage, such as cracking or exposure to water. Liquid rubber is a strongadhesive that can be used on any surface ranging from concrete to PVC. It will not only protect the foundation from moisture but also from rusting.

Installing a Deep Sheet Membrane

Liquid rubber can work on its own to provide the needed protection, but we don’t take any chances. We will add another protective layer with a dimpled sheet air-gap membrane. The sheet will provide hydrostatic pressure relief that redirects water from the foundation.

Putting in PVC Drain Out

Our next step will be to install a 4-inch PVC pipe to drain water. We use rigid pipes that start below the window sill and touch the weeping tile.

Window Well Installation

We will attach the window well into the walls and fasten it with the right screws. We make sure it remains safely in place and that it is in the best condition. We take care not to damage your walls in the process.

Adding Backfill and Gravel

We will fill the area we dug up with backfill soil, but we leave space for gravel. We will get rid of the raining soil, so you won’t have to deal with the stress of disposing of it yourself. We will use drainage gravel to cover the remaining space and to ensure water flows properly from the window well.

Common Causes for Window Well Issues

Poor Installation

For a window well to work suitably, it has to be connected to the wall firmly. Any chance of becoming loose or disengaging from the wall will create room for soil to reach the foundation. Water will also seep through the gaps and wreak havoc in the basement.

Poor Drainage

The water that falls into the window well needs a way to exit and be drained elsewhere. If that exit is not there, the water will pool and continue to increase, eventually finding its way into the basement.

Well Blockages

Since the window well is outside, it is bound to have leaves, tree branches, and other debris. If you don’t clear away the debris, it will clog the pipe bottom, leaving the water no way out.

Degenerating Windows

If the materials used to make your window reach their longevity, they could start to deteriorate, leaving the window susceptible to damage. They will form gaps and will not withstand the pressure of water from the window well.

Why Choose Strong Basements for Window Well Installation

When you work with Strong Basements you work with the best in the industry. We have 25 years of experience waterproofing foundations, and we know how to find the source of the problem and fix it!


Window well installation is a crucial aspect of maintaining a dry and comfortable basement. It’s not just about installing the window well, but also ensuring it’s properly maintained and functioning optimally. If you’re experiencing issues with your window well, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals like Strong Basements.

Basement Waterproofing FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

A window well is a structure that is installed around a basement window to prevent water from seeping into the basement.

Window well installation is important because it helps to prevent water damage in your basement. It does this by directing water away from your basement windows and towards a drainage system.

If you notice water marks or stains on your foundation walls underneath your window, or if pools of water build up in your window well when it rains, these could be signs that you need a window well installation.

Common issues with window wells include poor installation, poor drainage, blockages in the well, and deteriorating windows.

Strong Basements has 25 years of experience in the industry, offering high-quality services and using the best materials. They provide a warranty of up to 25 years for all their basement waterproofing services.


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