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The Different Types of Basement Waterproofing Methods in Toronto

Homeowners in Toronto face a unique challenge when it comes to basement waterproofing. The city’s clay soil creates a moisture problem that can lead to leaks and flooding. There are different methods of basement waterproofing, and the best one for your home will depend on the severity of the problem and your budget. We’ll take a look at some of the most common basement waterproofing methods used in Toronto.

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Types of Basement Waterproofing Methods.

When it comes to basement waterproofing in Toronto, there are two main methods used: interior waterproofing and exterior waterproofing. Interior waterproofing focuses on the interior walls of your basement and involves routing or inside weeping tile systems, sump pumps and backflow valves, while exterior waterproofing is focused on redirecting water away from the foundation with either crack injection or excavations and outside weeping tile systems. Each method has its own benefits; the interior is a more cost-effective solution, while the exterior offers long-term durability to your home as it prevents any further water infiltration. Before deciding which of these methods is best for you, speak to an experienced contractor who can provide additional information or advice.

How to Choose the Right Method for Your Home?

Making sure you choose the right basement waterproofing method for your home is an important decision that requires careful consideration of your budget, basement accessibility, and professional expertise. It’s important to weigh all these elements into what is best suited for your specific basement’s needs. Whether it’s hiring a reliable basement waterproofing company to carry out the job or taking DIY steps to fix any basement leak issues, having a well-thought-out plan will be essential in achieving the desired result. Every basement has different needs which is why gaining extensive knowledge on the job before starting any work is key!

Basement Waterproofing Methods in Toronto | Strong Basements

The Benefits of Basement Waterproofing.

Basement waterproofing can provide various benefits for homeowners in Toronto. By waterproofing their basement, homeowners can ensure a dry and mould-free environment and improve energy efficiency within the home. This can lead to improved indoor air quality, creating a healthier living space and greater comfort for those living within the home. Waterproofing your basement is a beneficial investment that will pay off for years to come.

The Cost of Basement Waterproofing in Toronto.

The waterproofing of basements in the Toronto area is an essential task for any homeowner, as waterproofing can protect from costly repairs due to water leakage and infiltration. Whether waterproofing your basement from the outside or within, waterproofing contractors in Toronto can provide options at various price points. Exterior waterproofing involves grading and sealing the exterior of your foundation wall, penetrating below grade and will cost around $30 per square foot of foundation wall. While interior waterproofing focuses on diverting the water away from your home via sump pumps, weeping tiles, and other approaches and will cost around $80 per linear foot of foundation wall. Working with a waterproofing contractor will help you identify the best option for your particular situation based on your budget and priorities.

DIY or Hire a Professional – Which is Best for You?

DIY projects can be a thrilling and rewarding experience for those who have the time and passion to carry them out independently. However, in situations requiring licensed contractors, knowledge beyond the average homeowner’s skill set, or hefty investments of time and/or money, it is often best to seek the services of licensed professionals for your particular project. At Strong Basements Inc., we provide experienced teams of licensed professionals to make sure that your planned project is completed correctly. With our assistance, you can rest assured knowing that the whole process will be safely handled with precision and experience.


Basement waterproofing is essential for any home in Toronto to prevent flooding. There are different methods of basement waterproofing, and it is important to choose the right one for your home. The benefits of basement waterproofing include preventing flooding, mould, and mildew. The cost of basement waterproofing in Toronto can range from $1000 to $10,000+, but it is worth the investment to protect your home. DIY or hire a professional – which is best for you? If you decide to do it yourself, be sure to do your research and follow all the instructions carefully. Otherwise, call Strong Basements Inc. for a free and detailed estimate!

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