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Sump-Pump System Installation Toronto

Few homeowners recognize the importance of preventative measures in guarding their homes from basement flooding and water damage. However, the implementation of proper drainage systems around your home is one of the best things you can do to protect your home and your possessions from costly water damage and basement flooding, often caused by high levels of snow, rain and low-lying geography. When used in conjunction with backwater valves, sump pumps are some of the most effective means with which you can protect your home, as they provide homeowners with a popular and efficient way to control the drainage of the groundwater that surrounds their homes which could otherwise their foundations.

What is a Sump-Pump System?

A sump pump system is made up of three parts which comprise: the sump pump, a sump pit or hole, and the discharge pipe. The sump pump is installed by digging a hole in the lowest lying part of your basement. Once the hole is completed, a large basin containing the sump pump is placed inside the hole to collect water. The sump pump inside the bin will then begin to pump the water collected and move it outside of your home through the discharge pipe. Because the sump pump’s basin works to collect water before it begins to pump it, it is activated by high levels of water inside the basin. For this reason you might find that at times your sump pump is not pumping. This is likely because there is no need for it to do so as not enough water has collected inside of its basin to activate it.

Sump pump installation is an effective means of protecting your home from flooding and is available in a variety of sizes depending on the amount of water and sewage you need to pump away from your home. However, over time sump pumps can develop a bad small as a result of bacteria and old water that can coat the sides of the basin and discharge pipe. This smell can easily be controlled through the occasional maintenance of your sump pump system. This maintenance normally includes cleaning the interior of the sump pump pit with soap and water and flushing the old water out of the discharge pipe and pit with fresh water. 

While the sump pump on its own may not fully protect your home from flooding, most contractors will recommend you also install a backwater valve to help control the flow of water to and from your home. Together, sump pump and backwater valves present one of the most effective means by which you can protect your basement from flooding and thus popular options for homeowners seeking to secure their homes against the elements.

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