basement foundation crack repairs


basement foundation crack repairs

Foundation Crack Repair

The ultimate solution for cracked foundation wall is exterior excavation and repair.  At Strong Basements we make sure that all cracks fixed properly and damaged basement walls are completely waterproof.  We guarantee that the cracks we repair will not leak  for 25 Years!

25 Years Warranty!

interior and exterior basement waterproofing works


video – Foundation crack repair

Foundation Crack Repair FAQ’s

When is cracked foundation becomes a problem?

If the crack is going all the way from top to bottom it becomes a problem, and homeowner has to take an actions to investigate the causes and fix the crack.

How to fix cracked foundation?

There are few proper ways to fix cracked foundations: 1. From outside, by excavating the foundation down to the footing, exposing and cleaning the crack, applying hydraulic cement to the crack, waterproofing the foundation, reinforce the foundation with glass-fiber mesh. 2. From inside, by drilling multiple holes through the crack and injecting epoxy product.

What does cracked foundation look like?

Cracked Foundation Repair in Etobicoke

Why cracked foundation is bad?

First of all cracked foundation is a waterproofing issue, and water can and will penetrate inside the basement through the cracks. Second, if the crack expends it may become the structural issue, causing cracks and deformation to the building structures.

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